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Leadership development

Motheo Academy is dedicated to upskilling all types of people and entrepreneurs are no exception. Anyone who wishes to start their own business can take a course with Motheo Academy that will teach them all they need to become the next success. Even managers might wish to take this course as it can improve their leadership skills. Our course will teach team management and the value it can bring to a business. The course also teaches how to monitor and evaluate quality throughout the processes in a business to ensure you deliver the finest products or offer the finest services. We want all people to have a chance at success!


Managers in the past used to develop management skills through trial and error without any form of guidance. That was the past, now there are courses and we happen to provide one. This course highlights all key concepts you need to manage a construction site so you are no longer lost. It covers all legal and health documentation required to run a construction site. Motheo Academy is determined to train managers that can lead the construction industry to a brighter future!


Almost all our qualifications are vocationally directed as a result they are all related to specific jobs and industry. All workers trained at Motheo Academy are able to apply the knowledge they have gained from the training area to the workplace due to our practical assessments. All artisans who trained at Motheo Academy get first preference when applying for a job. At Motheo Academy we are not just training artisans, we are empowering people!


A learnership is a training programme that consists of both theoretical and practical assessments. If all assessments are passed, they will receive a national qualification. Motheo Academy provides learners with quality education. They are taught by professionals in the industry who have actual experience in the workplace. These professionals are passionate about the industry and are eager to spread their knowledge onto others willing to listen. The learner will be taught the skills they need to tackle all challenges in the industry. They will be provided with mentors that will guide them through the learning process. Practical work and assessments will be done to ensure they can apply their knowledge to the workplace. Join Motheo Academy on our mission to change South Africa!


Skills Programmes are the unit standards that are grouped together to form a shorts skill programme. The skills programme is essentially a part of a qualification. The programme can be extracted from any qualification. Motheo Academy ensures all skills programmes are accredited and are of a high standard like all our other programmes.



Motheo Academy offers a suite of EPWP related programmes that speak to the mandate set out by the Department of Public Works and the Growth and Development Summit. We as a business wish to upskill our nation and fully support EPWP in all its endeavours.


mentorship and coaching


Motheo has always had a strong focus in mentorship. The late Dr Thandi Ndlovu was a huge advocate for mentorship. This created a strong mentorship culture within Motheo. Mentorship is about aligned mentees with the most appropriate mentors inside the business and externally. Mentees will be matched against stringent criteria to suitably qualified mentors to aid the mentees in their respective journeys. Specific mentorship programmes are currently implemented by Motheo Academy.


Coaching employees and learners are another critical aspect that we take seriously. Workplace coaches are skilled in using coaching techniques that are popularly used within industry, to ensure that the learners / employees get the best available teaching, guidance and support. Strong emphasis is placed on learners. All staff at Motheo Academy are always happy to help and listen to any concerns the learner may have. Though, it is best to speak to your practitioner if it is work related. All practitioners have been trained to assist the learner and provide guidance if the learner feels lost. The practitioner will also train them in effective communication to ensure that they are not misunderstood when they express themselves. This skill is useful in all parts of life, not just the workplace. That is why at Motheo Academy we ensure all coaching is serious and uses factual information to teach all our learners how to improve their lives.


Motheo Academy offers candidacy programmes for anyone that would like to achieve their designation with the relevant professional body. Candidates joining these bodies will acquire the necessary skills required for the profession. The programme also ensures that the candidate is notified about changes to the industry requirements, this is part of continuous professional development. The programmes ensure by the end of it, that the candidate becomes the designate.


Motheo Academy also offers internships to help graduates gain work experience to improve their CV and gain the ability to apply their knowledge. Our company culture is very flexible, so new interns will not be overwhelmed when working here for the first time. Motheo Academy is dedicated to helping everyone, big or small.



Motheo Academy offers Apprenticeships to those learners who wish to gain work experience, while being taught the respective trade theory. An apprenticeship shortens the gap between the workplace and the training room, as the learners will receive exposure to the work environment. Motheo Academy is confident that our Apprentices will leave the academy confident, knowledgeable and skilled enough to take their place in the construction world.

Short Courses

Motheo Academy offers on-accredited courses that are vital construction industry and ranges from entry-level work readiness training for new work entrants, all the way to work management skills. It encompasses all skills a worker would need from all levels of management.

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SMME Development

Motheo Academy assist Small, Medium & Micro Enterprise business owners with training and support skills. The training will focus on building their business and have the skills to be able to do the job related to the business. The multitude of courses covers most avenues a business might follow in the construction industry. You don’t leave Motheo Academy as just an artisan, you leave it as an entrepreneur!

Project Management

Motheo Academy offers courses on project management to assist those with prior work experience to be effective with their daily jobs in their respective industry. This course will provide candidates with a foundation of Project management knowledge and skills required in an organisation to conduct projects successfully, be effective, undertake a range of project management administration or support tasks and contribute to the planning and execution of projects. This is why it is such Project Management is a vital skill to learn in this any industry. A vision is just a dream. Project management is that dream becoming reality.

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